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Slow Food International and Airbnb (English and other multilingual experiences) collaborate to host the Slow Food Experience through the Airbnb platform.

Slow Food Mt. Fuji will guide you through visits to producers, processors, farms, restaurants, and the climate and history of local food.

Our area is about 1 hour by bullet train from Tokyo (arriving at Mishima station).

There are at the foot of Mt. Fuji and on the mountainside and the seaside in the Izu Peninsula.

And It is an area where beautiful water, ingredients, and rich nature, spread.

If you visit around Mt.Fuji area, we recommend a minimum stay of  2days.

We offer paid support for some foreign languages.

You can apply for the slow food experience from Airbnb platforms.

We also accept visits and private tours. * The secretariat is a travel arrangement registration company in Shizuoka Prefecture.

Please feel free to contact us for your preferred destination and price.


[Info] Slow Food Mt.Fuji the secretariat Office



The videos are uploaded to Youtube.
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Airbnb × Slow Food International




Experience slow food in English, Italian, and other languages

Slow Food- One and only‘Shio-Katsuo’





Ark of Taste experience

You visit the studio that is making Shio-katsuo(bonito preserved in sait) and Katsuobushi(fermented dried bonito). The scent of Bonito is spreading in the factory. Tago area in Nishi-Izu town has more than 1300 years of history of processing bonito fish (katsuo). Katsuobushi (dried, smoked, fermented fillet of bonito fish) is the essential ingredient of Japanese cuisine used to make broth and it is the source of Umami flavor. It is said that Shio-katsuo is the origin of what Katsuobushi is now. In this area, there has been the traditional ritual of offering straw-decorated Shio-katsuo to home shrines in the New Year season. You learn the history of Shio-katsuo(Bonito Preserved in Salt) and katsuobushi(Fermented Dried Bonito) that manufacture by the same process in the Tago area from the old days and how the Japanese"dashi" food culture has been protected. And you visit inside the studio, you can watch the manufacture all of the processes. The family-owned studio is not wide. And you experience shaving the Fermented Dried Bonito with tools that have been used since ancient times and taste the bonito soup. We will give you so souvenir of the Dried Bonito!




aini  × Slow Food Nippon

Experience slow food in Japanese    Sites are all Japanese





Ark of Taste Experience

SF: [Nishi-Izu Town] 

The world's only! Learn the origin of bonito dashi, making Bonito Preserved in Salt  and Fermented Dried Bonito"Tago-bushi".



Ark of Taste Experience

SF: [Shimizu Town]

Learn and enjoy "Tokoroten" made with Tengusa  from Izu Peninsula  and spring water from the Kakita River



SF: [Nishi-Izu Town]

Wasabi spree! "Wasabi harvest" and making wasabi pickles & Wasabi lunch




SF: [Nishiura, Numazu City]

Experience "natural farming" in a quiet port town on the Izu Peninsula


SF: [Fujinomiya City]

Western cooking class and lunch utilizing local ingredients brought up by Mt. Fuji



SF: [Mishima City]

Walk around Mt. Fuji spring water and taste slow food Italian Lunch.


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