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SlowFood Mt.Fuji 2021 




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SLOW FOOD regular member
(director member / secretariat)


Kanesa Dried Bonito Store[Nishi-Izu Town]

We manufacture and sell dried bonito as one of Japan's most needed umami seasoning. “Shio-katsuo” is only made in Nishi Izu, registered to the Ark of Taste, and applying for Presidio. The “Izu Tagobushi” made by “Hand Volcano Style Dry Process” is a luxurious item.



Kakishima Trout Farm

 [Fujinimiya City/Kannami Town/Izu City]

We farm safe, satisfying, and nutritious fortune of rivers including Mt. Fuji Salmon, Baby Salmon, and Iwana using the natural water of Mt. Fuji, which contains plenty of vanadium.




Sankakuya Fisheries[Nishi-Izu Town]

We manufacture, sell, and product plan fisheries to spread various “happiness” through food by expressing healthy taste using the rich ingredients from Shizuoka’ s local sea and mountains to create the  almighty salted bonito chazuke (processed food of Shio-katsuo) and seaweed miso soup.



Best Wine & Mamma’s Italian ROSATO

 [Mishima City]

Italian Restaurant for you to casually enjoy food and wine using local ingredients while being surrounded with natural wood.

Homemade natural yeast bread, homemade pasta/dessert, we put our heart in while waiting to serve you.  
*Multilingual support: Italian


MARU-I Consulting & Planning

[Tokyo /Kannami Town]

We are a PR & event consulting company which creates and produces entertainment, food, and tour events in/out of the country, while presenting them in foreign countries and supporting PR in local areas. We also send translators, interpreters, and support design, video production, product development, and artist management.
Shizuoka Prefecture Travel Arrangement Company

*Multilingual Support


Local companies that support the activities
of Slow Food Mt. Fuji

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The Station of Wasabi[Nishi-Izu Town]

The water intake facility of “healthy water”, sterilized conservable deep-water springing below 1,000m of the Amagi mountains. The water is used for farming wasabi.

During harvesting, you can experience wasabi picking and pickling wasabi tours.


Fujinomiya Yakisoba Antenna Shop / Prosumer

[Fujinomiya City]​

Fujinomiya Yakisoba is a local food made using steamed noodles with a strong body, meat squeezed with lard, sardine shavings with rich flavor, and spring water of Mt. Fuji.

We operate an antenna shop and also manage registered trademarks of Fujinomiya Yakisoba.    * Multilingual support: Italian



Makoto Workshop[Numazu City]

ertakes all kinds of new construction, renovation construction, exterior construction, and all other store constructions, while being the overall director of the branch office of Nishi Izu Shio-katsuo research society.




French Restaurant Mitsu [Fujinomiya City]

The owner-chef "Mitsu", who has many years of overseas training and experience as an official residence chef, pursued "natural taste is a premium taste" at Fujinomiya, a local area, and select and use the raised in pesticide-free & organic vegetables and cook.

Here is the French restaurant where you can enjoy a menu of Fuji's highland livestock products and healthy local food. We also hold cooking classes.     * Multilingual support: French




Orange Park Farm /

Natural farming experience inn KAIE

  [Numazu City Nishiura Kuryou]

In 2010, I moved from Tokyo to Nishiura, and since 2013 I have been producing and selling oranges using natural farming.

I advocate a sustainable agricultural lifestyle and also have  "KAIE" that is a natural farming food shop and has a guest house while learning about processed food technology.



caffe bar ritorno [Mishima City]

A cafe and Italian bar that is open all day and night.

We are aiming to be a store that is close to my life and believe that local seasonal ingredients are a source of good health, and we offer a menu that considers local production for local consumption and body soil.

We also sell seasonal vegetables, and you can take-out dishes.​

スクリーンショット 2021-05-23 14.09.29.png

 bio farm KIKI

In Mishima City, Shizuoka Prefecture, which looks up at Mt. Fuji to the north, we use organic fertilizers to make soil and grow about 50 kinds of vegetables throughout the year without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Season, color, taste, nutrition. While choosing unique varieties that stand out from each other, we will deliver vegetables that make daily cooking fun and make the table gorgeous.


NPO Corporation Groundwork Mishima

 [Mishima City]

We aim to revive the original view of “Water Village, Mishima” through mediating partnership between the citizens, NPO, administration, and business, hand it down to our children, and improve our environment under the slogan of “scope in our right hand, beer in our left”.  *Multilingual support: English



Tomiya Coffee[Shizuoka City]

Our philosophy is to “do everything to deliver you a soothing moment”.

Distributing, wholesale dealer of ingredients, food, processed food in/out of the country and local Shizuoka, along with coffee. We handle more than 10,000 ingredients.



Dairy Kingdom Oratche[Kannami Town]

A dairy theme park in “the Dairy Village, Tanna” at the foot of Hakone Mountain Range, which inherited the history and culture of cattlemen for over 140 years. By creating the Circulating Organic Farming which demands soil making by co-existing human and cows through dairy, we create food “with life” and value safety and freshness.

スクリーンショット 2020-04-13 14.52.58.png

Food Atelier mori.[Izu City]

We offer catering services using local ingredients, and open recipe development/cooking classes. We also study recipes by hunting and dismantling by ourselves, due to us holding our own hunting license.

We are the core member of Japan Women’s Chef & Pastry Chef Association.


Beehive / Murakami Bee Farm [Izunokuni City]

We are committed to non-heating and non-use of antibiotics, and the process of delivering pure raw honey is performed by our couple.

We deliver to our customers with our minds, "an important gift from bees."​


Tokoroten’s Izu Kappa

 [Shimizu Town/Mishima City]

The manufacturing company of “Tokoroten”, founded in 1869 (M2). Using the best hand-picked natural agar weed from Izu and the water sprung from Kakita River, which head source is the snow piled on top of Mt. Fuji, we put time and effort to handmake every product using only the traditional technique.


SUIKA HIMAWARI[Izunokumi City]

I am a food coordinator.

Mainly in Izu, we are planning, developing and commercializing new menus and new products using locally produced ingredients.

I give the product a story, and provide accurate advice on how to develop new markets and build a sales network.

Please leave a food event!


Hoshino dried fish store [Ito City]

We carefully select only seasonal local fish, such as fish caught in Ito and small fish landed in Ito.

We do not use additives, dry in the sun, and carefully handcraft the dried fish.

Please enjoy the special dried fish.


Marukawa Tea Farm [Numazu City]

Cultivation is carried out in accordance with the "New Guidelines of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries".

We make tea that is kind to the natural environment by using 100% organic fertilizer without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

We will deliver safe tea that customers can use with peace of mind.


Nishi-izu Project  [Nishi-izu Town]

We used Nishi-izu's famous fermented dried bonito"Tago-bushi" and Amagi pure spring  water "Kensui" as raw materials. Produced the original craft GIN "God of Nishi-izu ~ BONITO ~". We are working to create employment and increase the number of people who interact with each other by making the best use of local resources.


Kappou Ryokan Ogawaso  [Fujinomiya City]
Founded in 1870, there is a traditional hospitality hideaway near the Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha Shrine.
Why don't you prepare "Take a bath while looking at Mt. Fuji and enjoy a long night with delicious Japanese food and sake" at your time.

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