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What is slow food?


Slow food activities

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Slow Food Mt.Fuji



SLOW FOOD is a worldwide grassroot movement to improve our food and the system surrounding it.

SLOW FOOD is a social movement to protect

GOOD  Delicious and healthy,

CLEAN Environmentally friendly, and

FAIR  Food culture which legitimately evaluate the producers, thus secure the biodiversity of food.

It is generalized by Slow Food International with its international HQ located in Italy.

Slow Food International was founded in Italy, 1989, considering the fact that people are losing interest in food due to losing the agricultural products & culture taken root in the local area, and the rise of fast life・fast food. The foundation now has branch offices in more than 160 nations, with a network of over million people.

Recently in Japan, there are 21 branch offices and communities.

A group of youngsters named YOUTH is making a “Disco Soup” event in order to prevent food waste.

In addition, the GMO / Genome Editing Free Project started in FY2020.

Once every two years, the world event of slow food "Terra Madre Salone del Gusto" is held in Turin, Italy.


Become a member of Slow Food, the world's food movement, and enjoy delicious, clean and tasty food.

As a member, you will be able to take part in international and national events in Slow Food and receive information from Slow Food.

Above all, we will connect with colleagues around the world who seriously think about food, and the membership fee will be used for various slow food projects in Japan and overseas.

Become a member ...

– International presentation place                       
– International / domestic collaboration

– Meet people with similar thoughts                   
– Get information on food around the world

– Contributing to society through enlightenment of food culture

– Collaboration with branches in 160 countries

– Involvement in revitalizing local ingredients    
– Inter-industry exchange

– Exchange with related companies and local governments
– Succession of traditional foods and native species for the next generation


Individuals will be recruited / renewed for each branch and each year .
The beginning of the year is February.

* Mt. Fuji Branch has many managers, so the member introduction is linked to the company introduction, but it is an individual enrollment procedure.
[Member type]

□ Regular member ¥ 10,000 / year □ Youth member (under 26 years old) ¥ 5,000 / year

per family member ¥ 2,500 / year ※ regular member one person, you will a family member up to one person.

After the enrollment procedure, you will receive a membership card from Slow Food Japan.
In addition, you will receive newsletters and event notices via email, as well as on SNS.


In the Mt. Fuji branch, in addition to sending information on the "Slow Food Mt. Fuji" page that is open to the public, we also contact members through the members-only page (not open to the public) and the Messenger group.


If you would like to become a member, please enter Mt.Fuji in the `` Affiliation desired branch '' field from the registration form on the right side,

Please apply.

Alternatively, please contact the branch directly by email.



1) Mainly in Shizuoka prefecture

・ Participation in food events

・ Implementation of food education workshop

Introduction of ingredients and products produced and sold

     by  members and opening of stores in the market Sale

・Food education workshops


2) While promoting the dishes that actively use locally produced ingredients and locally produced organic ingredients,

we will hold events to learn about local traditional ingredients and food culture, and develop new menus by the chef. I will.

3) Accepting visits from Japan and overseas and implementing

slow food travel = experience related to slow food.

We support multiple languages.

See "Slow Food Travel" page for details.




For past branch activities, please refer to "report" page.

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